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Welcome to Blessings From God, where every spread is a celebration of life, love, and flavor! Our journey began with a simple act of generosity - creating a stunning charcuterie board for a close friend's milestone birthday. Little did we know, that one act would spark a flame within us and lead us down a path of culinary passion and entrepreneurial adventure.

The name "Blessings From God" holds a special place in our hearts as it embodies not only our children, the lights of our lives, but also the abundance and opportunities that the Lord has bestowed upon us. We feel blessed and humbled to have the chance to pay it forward, not only by providing an unforgettable grazing experience but also by creating jobs and growth opportunities for our fellow Filipinos.

At Blessings From God, every spread is a masterpiece crafted with love, care, and the freshest ingredients. Our goal is to bring joy, delight, and a touch of elegance to every event, big or small.

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Red Wine
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