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who we are

What meant to be a gift to a dear friend, blossomed into a business that has since been called Blessings From God.


Blessings From God is a company we founded in 2017. We are a Laguna-based couple, Maria and Brando, who have been experienced entrepreneurs and restaurateurs for 24 years. We run an Engineering Service Company for 13 years now and have had our first dip in the food industry with a humble cafeteria near Colegio de San Juan de Letran in Calamba, Laguna. We offered catering and coordination services to companies, schools and personal events, and eventually built a  Filipino - Japanese restaurant in Los Banos, Laguna in 2016.


The idea to start a Grazing Table business came about after we prepared a charcuterie as a gift for a close friend who celebrated her 50th birthday. The guests who appreciated it showed interest and before we knew it, requests came pouring in for this service oriented business.


So why "Blessings From God"? Blessings from God describes our children, whom we dedicate our labor of love to, as well as the fruition of this unexpected venture. The generosity of the Lord has led us to thrive in the food industry for many years and we want to glorify this and impart the blessings by scaling up and providing jobs and opportunities to our fellow Filipinos.

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